Remember that the best credit card for you is the right one that suits the way you live and work. It should suit your lifestyle, and the credit card needs to be chosen carefully. Some credit cards come with an annual fee, some with cashback rewards, and some with travel miles. You should understand and think about the meaning of each of the terms and conditions before you apply for a card.

While selecting credit cards for yourself, you should look at several aspects including the APR or the annual percentage rate. This is the rate of interest you pay on your regularly billed payments. The lower this rate is better for you.

Since you are the one who uses your card, take a look at the benefits of the cards offered to you. Select the one that is the best for your kind of transactions.

Steps to follow

Now, get compare the total cost of each card. Select the one that has a cheaper total cost. If you bring your balance, you should pay less interest.

Now, go to the office of the card issuer and ask for a pre-approved card. Once you get the card in your mailbox, pay your bills from that card. You should not use this card for transactions on your regular card. Notify your issuer about your new card and get you to cancel your old card.

Assure that your credit reports are updated regularly so that you can get your credit score from each of the three credit bureaus. Get your credit reports every year and check them regularly.

There are several sites that you can use to pay for your regular bills. However, it is better to get a card plan that has more than one payment plan.

Compare the APR and other costs associated with each card. Go for the lowest cost card. If possible, get a card with extra rewards like free gas rewards.

Apply for the card that gives you the lowest flexibility. Check the rewards offered for each card.

Consider your needs, habits, and spending patterns. Are all the promised rewards worth it?

Know your cardholders’ rights

Insist on responding to your customer service queries and not having to pay a fee whenever you want to see you, the customer.

Do your homework and find out if these deals are really for you. Review the fees of each card and decide the exact issue of your need.

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