It seems like the money calls are coming in faster and longer these days. But how can you make more money when the bills are coming from everyone else?

And the answer is simple. Find more ways to make more money and offer solutions that solve a particular problem.

The more people are on the verge of losing their homes, the more desperate they will be for a solution. Often, if there is money to help, there is a solution. Too often, though, the solution costs money. There are only so many part-time jobs that can be found to make ends meet. In this case, what can you do? You could take an additional shift at work and make less money, but it may not be enough. Again, you need to find a solution.

Organizations dealing with foreclosure

This may seem like a rare scenario, but it is out there. Banks are not being REAL to consumers about the option of foreclosure. They deny that it is an option, and stimulus money does not extend that far, either. In the meantime, consumers need to look into their solutions. They can enlist the help of a lawyer to learn about bankruptcy, but you will still need help to get through the process. There are many organizations out there that can offer consumers great advice and support while they are learning how to deal with foreclosure.

These include:

  • HUD (Housing and Urban Development, where your lender will be located within the United States).
  • FHA (Federal Housing Administration, where your lender will also be within the United States).

Counsel and HUD Christian Solutions, a non-profit group that helps homeowners who are interested in eliminating their mortgage without going through foreclosure. If you need additional advice and support while you are going through this process, there are local HUD-approved counsel firms located in every city. Talk to your HUD office to find out about their services. Sometimes this is the most reliable help that you can get.

Sometimes, though, you need advice that will not come from HUD or FHA. Often, banks are more than willing to lend homeowners money to keep their home if there is a backup plan. Often this backup can come in the form of a would-be lender who works with borrowers who require a HUD-approved counsel firm and can give you advice that will affect neither the bank nor the foreclosure, but will affect your credit and will help you preserve your ability to purchase another home when you are ready. In this case, the lender will take care of all of this and ensure that it is done quickly and efficiently.

Now, if this is not your situation, you may need the freedom from your loan that comes with learning that such a backup exists. When you are stuck with your mortgage payments and the bank is threatening foreclosure, you need to find another solution. And you need to figure out it before it gets out of control.

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